One thought washed over me this morning - “How many different ways is nature connection and sensory integration tied to the psychology of the U.S. election?”

The election is held in the darkest time of the year. If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would say that this is intended. The dark nights are longest right now, and we are heading into even longer nights until the winter solstice when the light returns. A sensory deprivation of sorts…

In the darkness, one can best see the light. The only thing that overcomes darkness is light, and even a tiny spark will fill the darkest of rooms. Let us take these next four years to rise up in more love than hate, more light than dark, more kindness than anger.

This darkness has been here all along, lurking in the shadows of every boardroom, financial institution, kitchen table and educational institution. Until now, we were able to pretend it didn’t exist as blatantly as we see it today. Until now, we were able to go on as if things were actually ok, when clearly, as we have learned today, they were not.

Let us take this time to regroup, reorganize, and light big unprecedented fires of intelligent change so that this can be the last time I ever have to explain to my daughters what misogyny is, or why they have to protect themselves from it. Let us change the lens we look through from the dark shadow that is Donald Trump to a blinding light dissolving the darkness. Let us rise up like the sun, every morning and do something to secure the future for our children and for our mother earth.

Mothers hold your daughters close, teach them to have a backbone where there might now be a wishbone. Tell them about the inequalities that Hillary had to face to even get as far as she did. To those who say “but Hillary was just as bad, she’s basically like a man,” REMIND THEM that she had no choice than to play a mans game to get as far as she did in an old boys club. Turn your thoughts from Hillary the person to the archetypal woman of what she represented for us all: mothers have within them the capacity for an unconditional love. Men stand up and every single time you have the opportunity to demonstrate to a woman that you can be trusted and she is safe, do it. Do not quietly stand by while the bigots and misogynists attempt to whittle down her self worth or whittle the strength in your kindness because the media decides it is more newsworthy. Straight people, speak out, let your LBGT friends and neighbors know they are worthy of the same love and respect you are. Speak out loud your love for all races. Do not pass a crying child- let them know they are seen. BECOME more newsworthy than the dark acts by doing outrageous and courageous acts of love and uncompromising kindness because in the end they cannot take dignity away, grace always wins.

DO NOT allow the behavior of others to snuff the light and dictate who you are and how you show up in the world. We can be brighter than the darkness. Spring always returns. In a moment where disbelief could quickly turn to apathy, do not be seduced. Perhaps the fire of change requires this enormous can of gasoline to blow up the undercurrent running just below the surface. A literary fracking of our human expression as the fracking to our mother lies just under the surface of all our noses.

During this time of year, when the darkness lasts longer than light, I light a candle each night to remind me that the light will return. This little act, one little beam in a dark house, can shift my heart and eyes and turn my thoughts to how the darkness will serve my light. —And to quote a great woman named Maya Angelou “Today I rise, I rise, I rise.”