Consulting for individuals, families, and public and private organizations.  

Occupational Therapy is thusly named because occupations (activities) are how people spend their days across the lifespan.

Occupational Therapy draws from theoretical foundations which state that meaningful, functional daily activity contributes to health and well being. For an activity to feel meaningful, it must have inherent value.  Nature's inherent value is unparalleled in the human condition. From the developmental needs of infancy and early childhood to finding meaning in the teen years and adulthood, Occupational Therapists weave "meaning and function" into the core foundation of all they do.  

Kathleen draws from her deep connection and understanding of the natural world.  Nature is the one common contextual experience that can be weaved into anything one does.  Nature has provided meaning for humans since the beginning of time.  If you long for a meaningful existence where you feel deeply connected to the life you are living, this is for you.  Contact Kathleen at to find out more.