The soul, like the moon, is new and always new again.  Lalla- Hindu Mystic

The natural world speaks in a language that is lyrical and poetic. Nature is rich, messy, beautiful, fierce, gentle, wise and juicy...Some refer to it as magical.  

"Language develops through a reciprocal interaction with environment, and Magic or not, it is consistent and common to have it respond when you are connected.

What if the rain heard us?  What if stones guide us?  What if plants call us?  What if animals understood us?  

What... if... we... answered?

What if life isn't so much about finding meaning, as it is about creating meaning?  Creating a contextual life filled with meaning and purpose began, since the beginning of time, with the language of the landscape.  

"Join us in listening to the echoes of the land, where the grandmothers of the past secreted ancient wisdom for us to discover today."

Tap into the juicy flow of life through the landscape, the seasons, the animals, the plants:  learning to balance action and flow, masculine and feminine, force and acceptance, living and dying and all the juiciness in between.  

This program and the idea of being juicy isn’t just another program about finding your bliss.  It is for the seasoned woman who has touched in with bliss and grief.  She thinks and feels deeply…  Being juicy is about truly leaning into and living the richness all of life has to offer, integrating each piece as the seasons cycle into each other.  Being juicy is rich and blissful and painful and loud and quiet. It stirs the the heart, making no excuses; because nature soldiers on.  Being juicy is honoring life and what is.  It is learning to trust in the unfolding of your life, while recognizing how to tap into the rhythm and force of all things.  Knowing when to act, when to quiet, when to listen and when to speak are all part of the balance living juicy brings.  

If reading this word: juicy, brought up any emotion; excitement or discomfort, this program is for you.   

When one taps into the language of the natural world, it informs genius, balances feminine flow with masculine doing.  Our ancestors understood how to unlock the mystery of the rhythms and cycles of the natural world which offers wisdom far beyond what words can.  

Language is more than just words, it is both the said and the unsaid;  language is the totality of culture.  Nature has developed her culture over millions of years.  

Come with us on this journey of transforming your inner landscape through the wisdom of the outer landscape.  Reclaim the voice deep in your soul that whispers to you.  Live the life you have seen and imagined in your heart.  

Come and journey with us to re-member what your soul is already whispering...

How ...
    •    To Transform your inner landscape through the wisdom of the outer landscape.  
    •    To Hear nature as guide and wisdom keeper. 
    •    Nature gives permission to stop apologizing and start living. 
    •    Tools for your everyday life can be gathered right outside your door.
    •    To tap ancient wisdom from the generations of grandmothers gone before.  The resources they left us are free, accessible and always available. 
    •    To Learn to ask for support in a way that feels easy and authentic. The landscape is always willing…Asking for support can look different than you think.  
    •    To Listen to and trust your inner voice. 
    •    To turn fear into your greatest ally.
    •    To find balance in strength and gentleness.  Learn how kindness requires a fierce nature at times. 
    •    To Learn the difference between having a backbone vs. a wishbone. 
    •    To decipher Real versus Imagined threat- nature teaches us what is physically threatening, so we can lose our monkey thoughts and relieve the suffering our minds create.

Create a meaningful and contextual life.  Develop clarity of thought, kindness of heart and wisdom of generations.  

This program involves a commitment from you to yourself, and to all those you will touch in your life, now and in the future.  How can you bring your gifts forward if you are only a fraction of who you can be?  

This is a six month program.  Each month we:  

  1. Meet in person for one overnight together, in a natural, wild landscape.  
  2. Meet as a group via conference call between overnights. 
  3. Meet for one, 1:1 mentoring session via phone.  

    May 14- overnight  
    May group call- May, 28
    June 20 (Solstice and full moon)- overnight
    June group call- July, 2nd
    July 23rd- overnight
    July group call- August, 6
    August 20- overnight.
    August group call- September, 3  
    September 24th- overnight.   
     October 8- group call
     October 22- Last overnight and wrap up.  

Cost: 2200.00                                                                                                                          

*Includes cost of camping.  Food not provided.  

Where:  Locations to be determined based on the songs of the landscape.  All locations will stay within a 2 hour geographical radius from San Luis Obispo, CA unless otherwise agreed upon by all participants.  

Group Size:  Limited to 7 participants.

                                     *Specific details will be provided upon sign up.  

To learn more and sign up now, click below.