Do You Work With Children?

Naturalist Mentors + Outdoor Educators

Nature is THE path for child development. Foundations IN Nature will facilitate understanding for key concepts in child development through a nature connection lens.  Understanding these key concepts will give you tools, language and strategies to continue the plight of nature connection legitimacy as a key ingredient in human development.  

Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists are the nature connection specialists of the future. Occupational Therapists are uniquely poised to be key players in the movement to bring children back to nature.  Occupational Therapists are trained to think and make therapeutic decisions from the theory that occupation must be meaningful and functional. Development, habilitation and rehabilitation, are the most meaningful and functional outside.  OTs trained in development and sensory processing understand the developmental needs, the systems responsible for these needs and how to help the neurological connections "fire" for optimal development. This program helps reconnect your knowledge and skills with the efficiency of our natural blueprint in nature.  

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8 Guiding Principles of Foundations IN Nature

1 - Human’s are wired to survive.  Humans live with a survival bias.

2 - Connection Matters.  To environment, self, others.  

3 - Shared context provides meaning.

4- Our neurological systems have been shaped by the patterns and forms of nature.

5 - Nature affords for all developmental opportunities and provides for shared context.





Teachers are tireless in their dedication to children.  Teachers are perhaps the most undervalued profession in the U.S today. Bringing the practices of FINN to the classroom and educational day will make teachers lives easier by facilitating greater attention, and in doing this, a natural vacuum for participation and learning.  

The end result of nature connection awareness and movement practices in the educational setting is: emotionally and neurologically integrated students.  Integration creates happier students, teachers and administration which leads to greater performance in academic goals.





6 - The architecture of the human brain requires active whole systems engagement to reach its full potential.

7 - The assessment of risk/consequence/benefit must be consciously employed.

8 - Using the wisdom of the past to inform the future, will lead to a better tomorrow.