Kathleen is THE person you want to go to, to learn about your kids’ potential and how their bodies and brains are best served by connecting to nature
— The 8 Shields Institute (Art of Mentoring)
Over the course of few months, we watched our son transform from a tentative, hyper-sensitive kid into a more calm, more grounded, more confident person.
I never would have guessed the power of this approach to transform an individual, and by extension, a whole family. The day my son took off his shoes and waded into a creek turned out to be a turning point in his development. I had no idea. No idea how a kid’s trepidation in nature gives clues to the hidden mysteries of their brain and sensory integration challenges. I had no idea how addressing these limitations, gently, with fun and love, could strip these challenges away, revealing new skills and confidences that would improve all aspect of a person’s life. More than any other program, camp or therapy this work made changes to our lives that are literally priceless. Forever in gratitude.
— Parent
Kathleen Lockyer is not only one of the esteemed founders of our non-profit, Outside Now (Central Coast Village Center) but she was a recent speaker to a group of parents, caregivers and educators in our community. Kathleen’s ability to engage an audience, and speak right to the needs and questions in the room with clarity and rare positivity are nothing short of inspirational. Whether on the trail with kids, or speaking to parent groups or therapists, Kathleen knows what it takes to really see the gifts in each child (each person really!), and how her approach to Sensory-based learning and getting back into nature holds the key to unlocking human potential.
— (Outside Now, Nature connection programs for all ages)
My family is one of many in our community that has been forever changed - for the better!
— Kathleen Lockyer